Maturities April 2023

Fixed Term Debentures that have reached their maturity date need to be re-invested or redeemed.  The Gibraltar Savings Bank will issue a letter to clients to remind them of this and is inviting clients to process their Maturity Forms via a pre-booked appointment.  However, the Gibraltar Savings Bank will not hold itself liable for loss of interest as the responsibility lies ultimately with the individual Debenture holder.

At the end of the term, you will need to fill out an 'Instructions on Maturing Debentures' Form.  You will be given the option of either redeeming your investment or you may re-invest in another Debenture Issue.  The original Instruction Form, together with the original Debenture Certificate (if applicable), needs to be handed in to the Gibraltar Savings Bank.

Instruction on Maturing Debenture Forms can be obtained by following the links: